Quoting Cost Calculator

How much does quoting cost you?

Following the publication of "Five Strategies to Cut-Down Your 3D Printing Operational Costs" in November 2015, multiple readers contacted us to help them estimate their own quoting expenditures and possible quote automation savings.

As such, we have made available this simple cost calculator (in Euros), taking into account current Fabnami service fees.

Service Details
Average quoting preparation time (incl. client interaction, file repair, quoting, etc) Minutes
Manpower hourly rate €/h
Manpower operational overhead %
Average number of quotes per month Quotes/month
Effective conversion rate %
Percentage of fully automatable quotes % of quotes could be fully automated,
all other quotes will be accelerated by 60%
through Fabnami's automation workflow engine
Effective Quoting Expenditure
Cost of a single quote €/quote
Cost of a won quote €/won quote
Monthly quoting costs €/month
Annual quoting costs €/year
Projected Quoting Expenditure Following Automation (incl. Fabnami service fees)
Projected average cost of a single quote €/quote
Projected monthly quoting costs €/month
Projected annual quoting costs €/year
Projected Quoting Expenditure Savings Following Automation (incl. Fabnami service fees)
Projected average savings on a single quote €/quote
Monthly projected savings €/month
Annual projected savings €/year that could be
better spent on business development, marketing
and on other revenue generating activities.
Projected Fabnami Service Fees
Monthly projected Fabnami service fee €/month
Annual projected Fabnami service fee €/year

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